Therapy, coaching and support

You may be wondering if seeing us could really help you? or even if there are any benefits to seeing a change therapist? Some people are understandably a little apprehensive about considering various therapies as treatment, usually because of misconceptions by what they have seen on the television or in films. When you think about the benefits that can come from various forms of therapy youíll see itís really worth it.

Coaching and training for teams

We can provide effective and efficient workshops to improve performance and reduce staff stress. Content can be tailored to company needs and detail can be intensified from basic to advanced including practical applications.

Therapeutic help for individuals

Using a variety of expert methodologies including hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming we can help people to improve their quality of life. We can teach coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety, improve career planning and help with phobias and fears. Our therapies for slimming and smoking cessation are proven and effective.