Change Management

Delivering large scale change into organisations can be tricky, the experience can occasionally be negative, from both deliverer and receiver. We work to bridge the critical gap which provides successful delivery, sustainability and benefit realization supporting the business to help "pull" the change into their world by :

  • Eliminating friction between the project and receiving populations
  • Create two way understanding, positive engagement and “pull” to collaboratively deliver change that sticks
  • Active stakeholder buy in and engagement
  • Pre implementation environmental scan
  • Explicit contract between project and business decision makers
  • Documented implementation success criteria
  • Comms and engagement strategy
  • Key resource agreement (advocates /Trailblazer etc)
  • Training strategy
  • Feedback people survey strategy
  • BAU handover and sustainability

We can come to your place of work or organise a local training venue if you prefer.

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