What our clients say

We are delighted to have received accolades and praise from so many clients over the last sixteen years. Please find a selection below. The original documents are available to view.

Judi was recommended to help address my ongoing anxiety and weight management issues. Before our sessions, I was struggling with my self-image and confidence I felt too unfit and anxious to go out in public for anything other than work, and even that was a struggle. Meals with my partner, day trips with my children and grandchildren all felt unmanageable and unachievable, sending my anxiety spiralling. Since working with Judi my confidence has increased tenfold, and my anxiety is finally controllable. I no longer isolate myself and seek comfort in food, and instead have rebuilt the support network I had prior to my mental health issues, the coping mechanisms I learnt during my time with Judi have helped change my approach and taught me how to keep moving forward. I'm managing my weight better, consistently losing weight each week since I started sessions, and I've started going on more days out with my children and grandchildren I've even joined in with messy, physical activities such as mud pond diving at outdoor adventure parks! Judi's support and faith in me has changed my life for the better in so many ways, and I'll never be able to thank her enough
Steve, 54, Operations Manager
Judi is amazing, she cured my ultimate fear of birds. This fear was stopping me going out alone, I avoided certain places but it also caused issues for me on holiday and I would constantly worry about it. Judi was brilliant, a lot of people made me feel silly about this fear but she put me at ease and managed to cure this fear after just one session. I would absolutely recommend Judi- she changed my life. Since the session I now go to places I avoided, I don't worry about being out alone...and I even held parrots whilst on holiday...she really did change my life, I can't thank her enough!
Joanne Grant
I attended Judi's sessions after I suffered with panic attacks and didn't feel that the CBT sessions my doctor had arranged for me had helped. I was so desperate because my panic attacks were taking over my life. It became so bad that when I was off work I would spent the entire time worrying about how I am getting to work on the Monday morning. I would have panic attacks when travelling on the train especially if the train stopped in the tunnel or if it was extremely busy. It got so bad that I would plan my journey just to avoid getting the train. My panic attacks also affected my life with my family as it would stop my husband and I doing things together. Judi helped me after just one session. She made me realise that I wasn't going to die if the train stopped and that the feeling I was having was like being excited. Judi helped me to overcome these feelings and to channel them in a positive way. After my first session I had the best night sleep I had in a long time. Each session I attend I was getting more confident and I haven't had a panic attack in over 7 months now. My family have seen the positive impact that these sessions have had on me. I can't thank Judi enough for the help and support she has given me. She has changed my life.I would highly recommend the sessions Judi runs to help us to overcome life's obstacles.
Karen Bennett
Judi is an amazing coach who will guide you to find solutions to your problems. She is great for making you believe in yourself your abilities.I highly recommend Judi to anyone wanting to change their lives and mindset for the better.
Lucy Sullivan,Team Leader
Having worked with Judi with various clients and projects I have nothing but admiration for her qualities in helping people make massive change in their World. Couldn't recommend her highly enough.
Dave Verburg, Director Asentiv Merseyside
Judi has done a fantastic job linking in with our training academy over the past two years. Judi has not only provided training for my team - as she received such amazing feedback we had to bring her back in to do more sessions with the firm as a whole. Judi has a natural gift when it comes to dealing with people and always manages to bring the best out in them. The training that Judi provided was both linked with personal development including NLP and also team building. At the time there where a lot of changes going on in the firm as we were merging with another large organisation so the training helped bring both firms together and also helped us communicate better with each other. I would highly recommend Judi to any business and once you have received one session I guarantee you will want another . The training always leaves the staff feeling positive and ready to take on their next challenge which is great. Judi's relaxed approach to delivering this training allows the staff to freely express their views or concerns which in turn results in a better training session as they are all involved.
Samantha Benain, Facilities Manager, Jackson Lees Group
Had an amazing session at YourTime2Change, perfect life coaching, phobias etc I loved the uplifting session, Judi is amazing .
Val Hughes, House of Pearl, Liverpool Fashion House
I have worked with Judi for both professional and personal issues. On personal issues, Judi's methods and style help me to overcome issues I had faced for over 15 years, her support and her ability to pinpoint the crux of the situation was a gift and it has left me with a huge sense of peace. Professionally, Judi is marvellous, she asks me the right questions and leads me to solid direction with a clear, calm focus. Her support has help me transition in my career and given me huge confidence and belief in my ability. Thank you :)
Kate Sullivan, Head of Organisational Design
Excellent training course from Judi on Resilience. Very insightful and plenty of food for thought in terms of how we think and how to re-frame situations
Sarah Dowd, Head of Knowledge Services
Over the past few months I have worked with Judi on an issue I have been trying to overcome for many years. All I can say is that from my very first session I noticed a shift in my approach to the issue and an absolute elimination of the control it was holding in my life. As well as this though, I feel so much calmer and more positive generally and believe it's her skill, ability and approach that has guided me towards the best version of myself. As well as this, she is generally the most positive and motivational person I have ever met and spending even an hour with her it rubs off. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you Judi - can't wait for my next session.
Janine Goodison, Business Portfolio Manager
I contacted Judi to enquire about having hypnotherapy sessions to help me to understand and overcome my fear of flying. Judi spent a long time getting to know me and my fears. We had really interesting conversations before the hypnotherapy about anxiety and how the brain worked. This helped me to learn to accept my feelings, and to move beyond these to become a calmer, more positive me. I was at ease with Judi the first time I met her. Something just clicked. On Saturday 2nd Feb 2019 I got on my first flight for 20 years. That means more to me than just being able to travel it means I beat the voice in my head which told me I couldn't do things. That's a big win for me and I couldn't have done it without Judi. I highly recommend Judi to anyone with similar issues. The world is for living and not fearing!
Tracy Woods, Solicitor, Liverpool