Lets talk Menopause

Group sessions to inform, educate and bring a conversation that can be considered awkward or uncomfortable into the workplace. These sessions cover: the hormonal changes that the female body will go through, symptoms to look out for, dietary changes to help combat symptoms and how to view ‘the change’ in a positive manner and acceptance.

Sessions can be run in person or virtually: feedback from attendees tell us:

  • I have learned a lot about a subject I am generally completely unfamiliar with, I will look to utilise this knowledge in my day to day work life and also try to promote being open and honest about the subject with my team members
  • An engaging, honest session that provided information about menopause I was unaware of and really valuable tools for dealing with symptoms
  • I have sought information about menopause it was fantastic just to sit and listen to Judi and sit with people who are the same situation. Also applaud my Male Business Leader who attended also - great that my company are recognising women in the workplace and menopause

We can come to your place of work or organise a local training venue if you prefer.

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